Identify new potential French customers

The starting point

We consider particularly important to understand our client’s specialties, organisation, and corporate environment before looking for matching partners in France. We usually organise a face-to-face meeting with the management team at your HQ - or by default by video conference.

After having clarified our client’s expectation, we determine several matching company profiles (size, industry sector, applications...), which will be the frame of our search.

Identifying the best leads

Our goal is to find out the best potential customers for our client. We use a range of tools, including the access to professional databases. But this is only a part of the job. Our greatest advantage is our technical knowledge and our experience of sales and marketing in the industry, and especially the automotive industry. It helps us targeting the right leads and ignoring those whose activities, organisation, or size … are too far from the matching profile.

There are many possibilities to include or exclude a lead. It is no magic, but good sense and experience.

Finding out matching leads in France requires to figure out how the French industry is structured. Each country is different from the historical, cultural, or legal point of view. This is deeply shaping the companies’ organisation, how they communicate with their suppliers and their ability to speak foreign languages, and especially English.

You know how different it is to work with an Italian supplier, or with a Japanese one. Considering the local particularities is of the highest importance to avoid disappointments and misunderstanding.

Building-up a qualified list of leads

We provide our clients with a list of companies which we estimate are interesting potential customers. This list is giving qualified information about each lead, such as the contact details of the decision makers, as well as further details which will help the client to get in touch with each lead.

There are many sources from which such information can be obtained, among which: business directories, commercial courts, unions, social networks, specialised press for automotive, transportation and other industry sectors … the data is however always in French, scattered, and sometimes not up to date. Selecting the right information requires organisation, experience, time, and determination.

Our professional networks are also reliable providers of qualified information. We know who to ask to get up to date insights about a potential lead.