Obtain Requests for Quotation and manage answers

Obtaining Requests for Quotations or for Information is a first important step to start a relationship with a potential customer.
After signing up a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), the lead will send some valuable information. The content of the request may vary, but mostly include a product or service description, drawings, quantities, delivery conditions and technical specification. This basic information is key to evaluate if your company can make an appropriate offer immediately or need some additional information. It is quite often the case for technical products with technical specification.

When building up your answer, you will be evaluated first on your reactivity, then on the relevance of your solution to the need, and finally on your price level. The two first evaluation points are of importance. A short answer lead time will tell the customer that you are familiar with the technical environment, with the performance requirements, and that you have a team ready to work on it. The relevance of your solution is a second key point. This is an entry door to R&D department.