DEVEXTER expertise


Management of international key accounts

  • initial approach;
  • responding to requests for proposals;
  • adjusting products to meet customer specifications;
  • negotiating prices;
  • and managing R&D and design teams.
Example: for a French automotive equipment supplier specialising in door mechanisms, secured accreditation as an approved supplier to Toyota and grew annual sales from zero to €11 million in four years.

 Sales and marketing management

  • Managing sales;
  • screening and optimising customer portfolios;
  • optimising market-specific product ranges;
  • setting prices and margins;
  • drawing up marketing plans;
  • and setting up distribution channels.
Example : for a German manufacturer of consumables for the luxury goods industry, put together a luxury strategy for wholesaler customers resulting in sales growth of 15% in year 1.

 International business development

  • Targeting new markets and growth drivers;
  • identifying and approaching screened contacts;
  • understanding potential customers’ strategic and technical expectations;
  • identifying decision-making processes;
  • and winning requests for proposals.
Example : for the French subsidiary of a German technical textiles group, identified niches to help the company move into new markets; won a €1 million a year contract to supply seat textiles to MIA Electrique.

Original automotive equipment

With ThyssenKrupp Sofedit, Wagon Automotive, Milliken Viktor Achter, Kromberg and Schubert, AUNDE

Rail equipment

With the Aunde group

Luxury goods industry

With the Gütermann group

Metal fabrication,



plastics technology,

opening mechanisms,

electrical cabling,

technical textiles,

leather and in-vehicle sub-assemblies