Identifying Growth Drivers

Identifying growth drivers


The French subsidiary of German group AUNDE specialises in making technical textiles for vehicle and train seats. Having become overly dependent on a French vehicle manufacturer going through a turbulent period, the company asked Emmanuelle Guillerot to identify growth opportunities in the international rail sector.


Sought out screened contacts at non-customer rail manufacturers and their subcontractors in Europe; arranged presentation meetings in Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, etc.; studied decision processes and opportunities; undertook a comparative analysis of technical requirements and local standards; monitored product testing and requests for technical developments with a view to issuing a request for proposals.


This work highlighted the need for significant technical adjustments when seeking to address new markets. In spite of attractive potential sales of €10 million with Siemens Germany and Bombardier UK, the company opted instead to refocus on its core business and on building loyalty among existing customers.

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