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Getting established in France and winning market share


The German subsidiary of US group Milliken generated minimal sales with vehicle maker Renault in France, which it managed remotely. It had also been trying for 20 years to break into PSA, without success. The company decided to open a technical and sales office in Paris with the aim of developing sales with Renault and winning initial accreditation as an approved supplier to PSA. A team was put together for France: designers, project manager, technical experts, sales – four different nationalities with no automotive experience.

Emmanuelle Guillerot was asked to oversee activities.


  • Trained the team in automotive working methods – including in particular project-based working, setting progress targets, defining a sales action plan, implementing a simple and effective management system (documenting and planning responses to requests for proposals, forecasting sales, etc.);
  • organised customer lobbying;
  • helped the team learn to independently plan and run customer meetings;
  • organised responses to requests for proposals;
  • set prices and margins;
  • and negotiated with purchasing.


Grew annual sales with Renault from €0.3 million to €5 million in four years.

Won accreditation as an approved supplier to PSA with an initial contract for annual sales of €6 million.

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