Value Proposal

Our office is on the doorstep of decision-makers in Paris

We are ready to quickly establish a regular presence at your customers’ premises

We speak English, German, Spanish and French

We speak your language and understand you

Engineers and technicians in France to support your in-house staff

We partner with a group of technical experts

  • Creative design studio, technical drawing, digital modelling
  • Mechanical design studio
  • Electrical design studio
  • Automation and robotics
  • Prototyping

The traditional employee model is no longer sufficiently flexible to adapt to market volatility. We have clearly moved to a use-as-needed approach, which is a logical fit with project-based working and matrix-based organisation.

The DEVEXTER Business Development difference: TAILORED, FLEXIBLE INNOVATION

Tailored : every business is unique and every situation is different. We work with you to define the best approach in line with your objectives. We operate across a broad scope and can therefore support you throughout your growth process.

Flexible innovation : we provide you with additional resource, immediately available and operational, that does not burden your payroll or overload your HR manager. Outsourcing some of your sales development is an organisational innovation. It gives medium-sized businesses access to an expert task force and a new set of eyes.