Market studies and List of leads

A company willing to increase its market share on the French industry market must have a good understanding of business opportunities, as well as qualified insights about the business environment.

If you already have customers in France, you can increase your sales or expand in new industry sectors. If you are a newcomer, you must acquire some basic knowledge.

Digital tools, social media, business directories ... there are many possible sources to gather information and build up a network, but it takes time and some touch of French speaking skills.

Sales strategy on french market

Devexter Business Development provides its clients with qualified information to increase their sales or to break into the French market, in the automotive industry or in other industry sectors:

The most important is to lobby constantly your customers for new business opportunities.

Building up close relationship with your French customers and answering requests for quotation is the best way to acquire knowledge about the competition, the technical specifications, and the price levels.

It is not different from what you currently do on you home market, but it is harder due to the French language barrier and the lack of dedicated resource.

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