Prepare a marketing documentation designed for France

We at Devexter believe in the efficiency of personalised communication. The message to convey must be clear, concise, and focused on the customer’s needs.

The time offered by a potential customer for a first meeting is precious. Once you have presented your company and product offer, your aim is to understand the lead’s organisation, the purchasing strategy, the projects, the current issues…so that you can evaluate the business opportunities, and the barriers.

Small and medium sized companies usually do not have a marketing department. Consequently, the company presentation is often too long and detailed. Demonstrating your strengths by showing your equipment, your organisation, your large product portfolio, your manufacturing processes… is not focused on the customer’s need.

We adapt our client’s corporate presentation by selecting the slides which are the most appropriate to deliver a ‘clear, concise and focused’ message.

We translate the presentation in French.

When meeting the potential customer, we start with the company presentation, in French language. This is highly appreciated by the French people. It gives a positive message about the supplier’s will to connect with the French market.