Assess the satisfaction level of your French customers.

We should all care about our customers’ satisfaction and evaluate it constantly. Sales people are in the best position to get qualified feedback. In theory, they do everything possible to make their customers happy. However, some customers are left alone with their worries about your supplies. They are not necessarily the smallest ones, but they are often foreign customers.

For a non-French company, the relationship with French customers is often said difficult to handle. The unique reason of a poor relationship is a poor communication.

It can be easily fixed by simple means: on one hand, take the issues into account and follow-up until the case is closed; on the other hand, have a French speaking person to support you in case your French customer is not skilled in English.

Non-French companies are often surprised by the cultural specificities of working with the French people; this feeling is especially expressed by neighbour countries like Germany. Each country has its ways and habits. For any business development project abroad, it is the applicant's duty to adapt to the local context.

France is a major, mature industrial country. As for any country with a long-standing industrial history, there are working routines and established suppliers. If you are a non-French supplier, your French customers will be more demanding. They will appreciate your reactivity and efforts to solve their issues. Having a good service level for your French customer is the best way to obtain qualified insights about new projects, and thereby increase your market share.