Blog posts and News - 2021

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Renault Group: sustainability as key performance lever and 3% profit in 2023

30 April 2021

After having reported an historic loss of 8 billion euros in 2020, Renault is communicating widely on sustainability as a performance lever, a part of the new strategic plan "Renaulution". The French group has already started to recover, with a positive margin of 3.5% as from S2-2020.

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Applying as a new supplier of PSA Group

11 February 2021

The route to become a new supplier of PSA Group is very structured, as for any other major car manufacturer. However, as devil is in the details, it is better to be aware of the processes to maximise your chances. You will see below which route to follow to become a supplier of PSA Group and 3 key factors to make your company desirable.

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